Cheap 16mm Armoured Cable for Sale

low price 16mm armoured cable for sale huadong
low price 16mm armoured cable for sale huadong

16mm armored cable is the one size of armoured power cable, which its cross section is 16mm. Its application is to transform the electricity, especially in the big current. With the normal armoured power cable, 16 sq mm armoured cable also has 16mm single core armoured cable, 16mm 2 core armoured cable, 16mm 3 core swa cable and so on. The armor also have the swa, sta and other armor. Among them, 16mm armoured cable, 16mm swa cable and 16mm 3 core swa cable are hot-sale products. If you want them or anyone else, you can contact us to get the 16mm2 armoured cable quotation with low price now.

huadong low price 16mm armored cable
huadong low price 16mm armored cable

16mm Armoured Cable

Cores: 1,2,3,4,2+1,3+1 etc
Voltage: 0.6/1KV, 1-35kv
Standard:IEC 60502, BS 7870, GB/T12706 Etc.
Conductor Material: Aluminum
Sheath: PVC/PE or LSZH
Armour Type: Galvanized steel wires/ steel tape/steel wire
Sheath Colour: Black or according customer’s requesment.
Nominal Cross-sectional Areas: 2.5mm-1000mm
Packaging:Iron Or Wooden Drum or according to your requirement.

Why should you choose 16mm armoured cable for sale?

With the development of economy and society, the traffic and building are increasing gradually. The needs of cable is very huge. Owing to the consideration of security, there are some high requirements for cable. For example, it should have great electric performance, after all, it is using for transforming electricity. Good flame retardant, water blocking and rodent resistant properties is also necessary. As one size of cheap armoured cable, 16mm armoured cable has has the strong armor, it has two effects, increasing compressive tensile capacity and protecting from rodent and ant. So low 16mm armoured cable price will be your good choice.

great structure advantage of 16mm armoured cable
great structure advantage of 16 sq mm armoured cable

As for the flame retardant and environmental requirements, Huadong can produce 16 sq mm armoured cable with LSZH material and flame retardant material. For every cable, it can be produced with these requirements.

Once the 16mm armoured cable get fired, it won’t produce poison gas and will prevent it burn too much. Then our firefighter will have more time to save lives and people will have more time to escape.Huadong has over 30 years of experience to produce 16mm2 armoured cable, so we can promise quality. As one of the professional 16mm armoured cable manufacturers, we can provide you a factory price. Email us to get low 16mm armoured cable price.

How to get high-quality 16 sq mm armoured cable with low price?

reliable 16mm armoured cable manufacturers online
reliable 16mm armoured cable manufacturers online

If you want to be convenient and use urgently, you can find distributors in local place. For quality, I am sure you can judge because you can see it. But for the price, you won’t get low price 16 mm armoured cable, because they want to get profit from you. So if want low price 16mm2 armoured cable, you should find 16mm armoured cable manufacturers directly. If you want larger quantity, it will be better. I am sure you can get a good price. You can search some suppliers online, then you can get 16mm armoured cable price list. In general, they won’t have the 16mm armoured cable for sale in stock. Because they may do some foreign trade like Huadong. Every country has their standard, and every customer has the different using. You can can say your requirement, they will customize.

Why should you choose huadong?

perfect 16mm2 armoured cable produce process - Huadong
perfect 16mm2 armoured cable produce process – Huadong

Saying simply what we can do for you. In huadong, we can promise our producing process insist the standard requirement, and every stage is standard. After finish producing, the strictly test is be taken. We can prove you one hundred factory qualification rate. If you don’t trust us now, you can come and see it yourself. By the way, you can have a chat with our engineer. If you have any question of low price 16mm armored cable, you can ask me. I am sure we will cooperate together.

huadong customer cases of 16mm armoured cable

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